1 on 1 Coaching


Increasingly we find that players have the opportunity to train by themselves (outdoor courts or rims at home) but are frustrated by a lack of guidance and/or the ability to get feed-back on what they are doing.  Today by combining our coaching expertise with the available technology we can offer a direct and real 1 on 1 coaching service delivered over the internet. The process is simple –

Session Planning:  tell us how when and where you will be training and what you want to work on.  We will design a programme to suit your needs.
Track Results: complete and submit an activity sheet after your sessions.  Most of our programmes have measurable activities so that you can see proof of the improvements as they happen.

Monitor Techniques: using a phone, camera, ipod/ipad etc. upload clips of your session to our system and we will view the footage, comment on what we see and make any changes needed to your training programme.


(Personal Development Courses).

Our courses are designed for people who want to improve their knowledge of basketball coaching but don’t have the desire or time to attend a formal coaching course.

We combine our coaching expertise with modern technology to deliver 1 on 1 sessions for coaches  that follow the national governing body syllabus of your chosen course.  We deliver the theory and practice of basketball coaching using an extensive video library and online skills database.  The process is simple –

Tutor: we allocate you a personal tutor.

Course: A decision is made on what course you want to study.

Study: A timetable of study is agreed.

Assessed Work: You work with your tutor to complete the course to the required standard.


Please remember our 1 on 1 sessions for coaches are offered for personal development only and do not deliver a recognised coaching qualification.

To receive a formal coaching qualification candidates must to attend a formal Coach Award Course.

Candidates who have successfully completed our 1 on 1 sessions for coaches will not be charged if they subsequently attend an equivalent Pumas Basketball Coach Award Course – terms & conditions apply.

If you are interested in one of our courses email us with your details and we will be in touch.