"Pumas Basketball can provide your business with the perfect platform for you to promote your brand, network your services and establish profitable sport based relationships."

1. Product Launches and Brand Awareness.

We have found that when a near seven-foot-tall smiling basketball player walks into a room they get noticed. When our players and coaches attend corporate events not only are they noticed they are ‘trained’ to interact with your customers and/or clients in a way that will place your business in the best possible light.
We have helped companies with – 

Product launches: TV adverts, Personal appearances, endorsements.

After Dinner Speeches: from funny tails to highly delivered sales messages


Sponsorship management: all budgets need to be tightly monitored and all agreed targets need to be met. Our management ensures that any ‘spend’ is value for money.


Local Business League: A basketball league for your businesses.  We take care of the organisation and venue, you just invite your workforce, suppliers, rivals and anyone else you can think of to have fun. 

Case Study: One memorable event planned and delivered by our ‘team’ was for an industry leading PLC wanting to promote a new sports brand throughout the UK. A ‘road-show’ was planned and one of the venues was a trendy ‘American style’ diner in a city centre. Having hired the entire restaurant for the evening the company invited all of the regional representatives that would be involved at the point of sale and delivered the formal presentation. Once dinner was served our players sat with the guests answering any questions as they arose. With the formalities over an area was cleared and with just a dozen small sized basketballs and an indoor hoop the rest of the night was taken up by a set of basketball challenges that turned a happy but well restrained group of individuals into teams of motivated competitors who only stopped performing when they were laughing too much to continue. It was a great event and the subsequent delivery of the product was very successful.

2. Corporate Training & Motivation.

There has always been very strong ties between business and sport. We have professional sports coaches with many years of business experience. Our ‘business-coaches’ will make a difference in your organisation. From motivational talks to in-house teambuilding we can support your business in a way that suites your needs exactly.

Our coaches are skilled in – 

Working with leaders: even leaders need a ‘coach’ working in isolation without expert help and support can be debilitating. No matter what your business our coaches can apply proven methods to achieve measurable results.

Identifying leaders: all teams have leaders and all leaders come from positions where they have influenced the people around them. Identifying potential leaders early ensures that the talent in your organisation stays in your organisation.

Motivation: everyone needs motivation. Even in a successful environment everyone benefits from a positive message delivered in a way that they can identify with. 

Creating teams: all businesses are made up of individuals driven by their own needs, wants and desires. To become a team everyone in a business needs to understand their role and responsibilities and feel that their efforts are appreciated. We can work with individuals in any business and build them into a real team focused on achieving your corporate goals.

Assessing individuals: everyone has a ‘hot-button’ that, once pressed, changes them from a good performer into a great performer. We are experts in finding the buttons.

Maintaining momentum: When a group is riding high and experiencing great success the ‘coach’ knows how to harness the energy and focus it in a way that eliminates any chance of complacency.