Private Online Coaching.

NEW FROM 2013.

Pumas Basketball offer online private skills coaching, goal setting and motivational support for basketball players, teachers and coaches.


Join us today and you will have access to an online training program built specifically for you.


What Do You Get?


1. On-on-one, fully confidential and unlimited support of a professional coach by phone, email and live webinars. 


2. Access to our private coaching website where (using professional sports software) we are able to create and schedule specific training sessions and monitor your progress. This means that you get a fully personalised coaching programme that sets realistic goals based on a realistic timeframes.


3. You will also have access to our private 'knowledge database' which includes audio and video that will guide you through every task and every exercise that you agree with your coach. This means you have access to a personal library of information designed to help you 'on-demand' any time day or night to work through your personalised coaching programme.


4.  Information on Diet & Nutrition that will help you maintain the energy levels you need to sustain your performance.


It's easy to join?


A. Email your name and contact details to Pumas Basketball.


B. Complete a 10 minute email/telephone questionnaire with your coach.


C. Select & pay for your course.