Some points from the video:


0.47 Be comfortable.  Stance, footwork and the fundamentals of movement on and off the ball are important.  But it is also important to be comfortable.  Basketball is about poise

and natural balance.  Be relaxed and stay fluid in the way you move.


1.23 Sell the 'fake'.  Learning how to fake is a must.  The ability to fake-out your defensive player allows you to take away any advantages they may have in terms of height, speed

or athleticism.


2.30 Understand 'help-side-defence'. Having beaten your man another defender may move towards you. This means that often one of your teammates is open for a pass.


3.30 Make your free throw a habit.  Try to make all of your free throws identical.  Remember (in local competition) you are in control because nothing ever changes you are a set

distance from the basket and the ring is a fixed height from the floor.  Indeed machines can be programmed to score from the free throw line with 100% accuracy.  So this is one of

the few times that being mechanical in your approach will make you successful.  So relax, use your legs and arms as levers to create vertical movement and develop a 'release' from

your shooting hand that creates a smooth arcing shot - SWISH!


6.25 Have fun & stretch.  Having fun is easy but make sure that you get someone to show you how to stretch correctly.  It's important now and for your future playing 'career'.


Finally remember three key things -



Good luck.