Across the internet a lot has been said about the inbound play (seen in the video) and to be sure it was a well worked sequence that they probably have practiced for just this sort of situation (baseline inbound, tight in the corner).  The play -


  • Created space in the 'key'




  • Took the defensive focus away from the basket. 


However, with the benefit of hindsight most of my thoughts are about the defence.

  • In this position the basket helps the defence by hindering any kind of baseline lob so putting pressure on the inbound would have been an option.
  • The first 'switch' created a big space around the basket which the weak-side defender should have filled. At this stage it is always better for the defence to force a shot rather than give-up the middle.
  • Given these points some kind of sagging-man or zone defence would have been an option. The problem then would be giving up a shot but forcing/losing to a great catch-and-shoot play would have been less damaging psychologically to the beaten team.


A general point.

We can only see the results of the play which may be different to how it was diagrammed. If the defence had reacted differently the offense would have evolved differently. Because of this we are just left with the result and how the coaches deal with it. One coach will remember a play that worked brilliantly and will remind his players of what they did to make it work. The other has a fantastic opportunity to improve his team performance by working through what could have been done differently.

Weak Side Defence Video.