Over the years literally millions of words have been written on the nature of leadership.  If you want to get into a debate that never ends just ask a group of academics, are good leaders born or are good leaders made?

Pumas Basketball takes the view that for all practical purposes anyone with an open-mind, a willingness to learn and to work hard can become great leaders.

Here are 12 points for good leadership -


    1. Be yourself.  Leadership must be an extension of your own personality and belief system.
    2. Understand your responsibilities to yourself, your team and your organisation.
    3. Be consistent Always do the best job you possibly can and demand that everyone on your team does the same.
    4. Lead don’t mentor.  Others may have a voice but you must make the decisions.
    5. Always be prepared, “…plan your work – work your plan…”
    6. Stay current. Be aware of the theory and practice of new ideas.
    7. Be positive in your approach. Working on improvements for the future is better than highlighting mistakes from the past.
    8. Maintain a level of personal authority.  Be a leader not a friend.
    9. Set clear and realistic goals for yourself and your team.
    10. Get to know your team as individuals.
    11. Understand the personal nature of reward and punishment.
    12. Set and maintain clear standards of acceptable team behavior.


At the heart of all Pumas Basketball leadership courses is hall-of-fame coach Frank McGuire.  Coach McGuire talked about a blend of confidence, poise and assertiveness and that “Action of some kind in a crisis is better than no action at all.”



Check out 2:20 - UMass head coach Derek Kellogg talks about knowing your Team.

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