Reaction Drills



We like these drills and have used variations of them as general development drills for players of all ages and abilities.  We especially recommend the variation of the ‘turn-and-catch’ found at 2.03.

One specific use of this kind of reaction/speed drills is for taller senior players.  At some point every senior coach comes across a taller player who’s overall development has been undermined by their lack of the basic ball handling skills essential to all players no matter what their size or supposed position.  These drills can bring significant improvements reasonably quickly.

To up the ‘pressure’ of these drills the ‘catcher’ can be made to start from a prone position, alternating between front and back.

All young players should be coached in all of the fundamental skills of basketball. As a general rule, splitting training between ‘guards’ and ‘forwards’ is not something we recommend in junior basketball.