Dr Dan Gould Ph.D. Director Michigan State University Institute For The Study Of Youth Sports.



Key Points -


0:38 creating a caring environment.

0:50 Sports captains and the importance of giving young people the opportunity to lead.

Dan Gould mentions the word 'intentional' more than once.  We believe that coaches who do things intentionally get better results than those who make things up as they go along.


Recently Dan Gould contributed to a publication 'Coaching life skills: A working model.' Not only worth a read this work points to the fact that youth sport is as important today as it has been in the past.

Sport & Youth Development.



For decades researchers have been interested in the role sport plays in child development. It is clear that done properly the process of coaching youth sport can have a big influence on the psychosocial development of young people. 


We accept that modern young people have many alternatives but it is our belief that sport remains a dominant influence on young people and that it is our duty (as coaches) to make sure we are delivering the best possible experience to the young people that trust us to know what we are doing.


To be clear we are not talking about extra work, extra training or therapy we just believe that commonly accepted principles can be highlighted and developed as a routine part of training and playing of sport  - 


  • The importance of education: school, life, training sessions.
  • Responsibility: personal, family, community, team.
  • Leadership: team, peer, community.
  • Motivation: intrinsic v extrinsic.
  • Goal setting: short-term, long-term, personal, team.
  • Understanding emotions: within ourselves, within others.
  • Working with emotions: acceptance and management.
  • Time management: activity v productivity.